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Project Area - The Downtown & Mall Districts

Master Plan on Downtown Brunswick and Ou
CSS Champions Downtown Walkability Repor

The project area consists of two zones as defined in the Master Plan: the Downtown Business District and the Mall District. Each offers its own distinctive characteristics as they relate to sidewalks and streetscape.


Downtown Maine Street features a generally wide, attractive streetscape and a sense of vibrancy with historic mixed use buildings, traditional downtown blocks, and high pedestrian activity.


The Mall section of the corridor is marked to the east by the town green and suburban commercial style development to the west. Sidewalks along this segment are narrower and pedestrian activity is generally through traffic. While the sidewalk treatments are similar in materials, the streetscape is more intensively developed within the Downtown Business District.

Downtown Streetscape Enhancement Project

Maine Street is a destination street of regional significance and serves as the central transportation spine running through the historic downtown and providing connectivity to the Lower Village in Topsham, Fort Andross businesses, and Anniversary Park to the north and the Tontine Mall, the Brunswick Town Mall, and Bowdoin College to the south. The Town of Brunswick is seeking to develop a streetscape improvement plan for its downtown along an approximately half mile section of Maine Street extending from the railroad tracks near Station Avenue north to Mill Street. This project will build upon the vision and recommendations set forth by the Master Plan for Downtown Brunswick & Outer Pleasant Street Corridor, the Downtown Walkability Report, and other guidance documents. 

With a focus on streetscape, this project will include an assessment of existing conditions and recommendations for sidewalk treatments, crosswalk and ADA enhancements, pedestrian extensions, lighting upgrades, dining lease areas, landscaping, and amenities. The updated streetscape will be designed to support the unique qualities and historic character of the corridor and to provide a functional and vibrant public space that is attractive, functional, and maintenance-friendly. The project process will include significant stakeholder engagement and public outreach to inform plan development and to garner support for future implementation.